Blind Butcher - Piss Me A Rainbow

Blind Butcher - Piss Me A Rainbow

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For the third time, Christian Aregger and Roland Bucher prove they are true sorcerers: «Piss Me A Rainbow», the new album by Blind Butcher, is a beguiling elixir made of phenomenal boldness and joyful madness. The songs are a dripping, splattering, vibrant cocktail of playful chaos, inspired by love, science fiction, eyebrows and neurodermatitis... If there is a God of style, they must be off on a break, because Blind Butcher aren’t holding back: anything works, as long as you are relaxed enough to try it. You can turn it around anyway you like, but for a band like Blind Butcher, always following their instincts also means being extremely sure-footed!




Piss Me A Rainbow


Weni Noni Mini Ha

Meet Me In The Kitchen

Shooting Star


Liebe Leben

Sig Äbe

Huko Huko Ni Paca


How Coud Fools Get Tired



Released on Irascible Records (2019)