13 Year Cicada - 00YES

13 Year Cicada - 00YES

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In their second album 00YES (2019, Gandula) 13 Year Cicada, now reconverted into a trio, explore more energetic terrains, less restrained, probably as a consequence of their European tours after their debut album Totem Tongue (2017, Gandula). The first listen of 00YES gives the impression that Zooey, Hotti and Philip advance in a more intuitive, cruder territory, creating a very direct and powerful album. The second listen unveils why we love 13 Year Cicada's music: its organic complexity is unique. Their ability to mix the resources of cult music with experimental's risk, pop's melody, punk's immediacy and dadaistic fun is something rare to find. 




Color Flood





Swimming Good

Picking Your Nose


Dead Horse



Released on Gandula (2019)